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Designing the type of moves that connect brands with people.

I’m an east coast based creative director and art director with over 30 years of leading brand design and storytelling. Empathy, honesty, bravery and a sense of humor are the foundation in both my work and in my management style.

It all started back in college at Kent State University. I knew I wanted to be part of something that would help improve people’s lives. I was leaning towards a career in healthcare. I’m also a believer that when you are really good at something, it will find you. A few years into my studies, a college art professor saw something in me and eventually opened my eyes to problem-solving through creativity and design. All I needed was a change of my major. The twist, I needed to sell the idea to my helping-me-fund-college parents. So there I was, facing my first pitch deck and presentation to major stakeholders. Which, by the way, I quickly discovered that I was pretty good at. Consequently, I went on to graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) from Kent’s Visual Communication and Design Program.

After stints at a few design firms and ad agencies, I opened my own agency in my kitchen in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Called it Mitchell Allen Group after my nine-month old son. It was at a time of doom and gloom on Wall Street. Companies were looking to save money and better ways of marketing. One way was to pump more money into their budget. A better way was to hire firms like mine to pump more brains into their advertising. Because all the money in the world won’t save a bad idea. The company grew and developed a scrappy, budget-stretching approach to break-through thinking for brands with big dreams and tighter spends. So for the past 30 years I’ve been doing what I’m good at, helping brands get noticed and improve the lives of people.

Maybe that art professor knew something.


I’ve helped small companies look big and big companies look smart.