A Interesting Twist to the Everyday

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An upscale casual restaurant serving familiar food with a surprisingly unique taste experience. Offering interesting pairings of ingredients like New Zealand grass-fed black angus beef ground in-house with brisket or chicken guacamole paired with herb mayo, jalepenos and cheddar.

Their brand was misunderstood and needed an uplift. Our research showed that more and more people are looking for a unique experience in their restaurant choice. So we recommended creative that would bring the brand alive by mirroring the unique personalities and lives of patrons with their interesting pairings of ingredients, and separate them from the long list of national restaurants by un(chain)ing people’s taste buds.

Client: Baker’s Crust
Project: Re-positioning Campaign

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The campaign celebrates originality in all its forms by connecting with the unique spirit that resides in each and every one of us. We feature real people who bring their own interesting and dynamic twist to normal days by simply being themselves. We tip our cap to them. We honor them by asking them to join us, with a suggestion from a menu that lives up to their own authentic and original personality.