For the first time in modern history, our children’s life expectancy could be lower than our own

Our children could be facing the first sustained drop in life expectancy in the modern era, if they don’t trim their waistlines.

Research points out that because of obesity, the children of today could wind up living years less than they otherwise would, a negative effect on life span that could be greater than that caused by cancer or coronary heart disease.

InnerLink developed K-12 programs to educate our youth and reverse this trend. This community program was developed to engage and recruit corporate partners, then use local school systems to launch messages to teach our youth how to make healthier choices in life.

Non-traditional touch points brought the message into the community’s daily lives.

The campaign extended to support sales with digital presentations and training.

Client: InnerLink
Project: Program Launch

THE RESULT: achieved corporate sponsorship enrollment goals for initial launch in Pennsylvania.

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