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Mercy where to go now

Client: Mercy Medical Center
Project: Brand campaign
Mercy Medical Center, a ministry of the Sisters of Charity Health System, was marketing their services as stand-alone initiatives with unconnected messages. The first thing we did was to bundle them as part of a greater, lifelong brand promise between the hospital and the community. This new brand message became “Where to go. Now.” The campaign spoke in a light but pointed way while offering a life-long promise to help with everything from minor cuts, bruises and scratches, to emergency and life-threatening situations.
They were in a strong competition with another hospital for market share. The outcome was wildly effective by not only increasing inpatient and outpatient volumes, but by efficiently combining key initiatives and marketing budgets.
THE RESULT: measurable performance improvements in geographically specific target markets of approximately 2.5% increase in inpatient volumes to in excess of 11% increase in outpatient revenues for targeted services and service lines.


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