Where to go. Now.

A brand audit was conducted and assessed the hospital’s marketing efforts as stand-alone initiatives with unconnected messages. Our first step was integrating them as part of a greater, lifelong brand promise between the hospital and the community. This new brand message became “Where to go. Now.” The general campaign spoke with a light but pointed tone while offering a promise to help with everything from minor cuts, bruises and scratches, to emergency and life-threatening situations.

Client: Mercy Medical Center/Cleveland Clinic
Project: Brand Positioning

THE RESULT: They were in a fierce one-on-one competition for market share. The campaign increased market share and efficiently combined key initiatives and marketing budgets. Saw performance improvements in a highly competitive market of nearly 3% increase in inpatient volumes and 11% increase in outpatient revenues for targeted services and service lines. 

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“Where to go. Now.” was used to support new initiatives. One example expanded the brand promise to present a constellation of women’s health services to the community as an integrated care delivery system to create the perception of a virtual Women’s Health and Breast Care Center. This effort included targeting soon-to-be mother’s to introduce them to the center. Additional efforts supported their Emergency Chest Pain Center (ECPC), the first of its kind in the nation.